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Equity Share Real Estate Available
in Mammoth Lakes

What is Shared Ownership Real Estate?
Do you like the idea of owning a luxury vacation home in your favorite location, but don’t want the burden and cost of repairs and upkeep? Do you love the services of a luxury hotel but dislike living out of your suitcase? You’re not alone. A new breed of vacation home ownership, called “fractional ownership,” is becoming increasingly popular with busy professionals looking to maximize their family vacation time.

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Not a Timeshare
Many initially confuse fractional ownership with timeshare but they are entirely different in terms of ownership, usage and amenities. A traditional timeshare is for one particular week of the yea,r is a standard condominum with standard furnishings and accommodations. With fractional ownership, you own a deeded interest that can be resold in the same method as any other piece of real estate. The amount of time is guaranteed but you can plan it for different times each year. Then fractional ownership also offers a unique feature that timeshare does not…SPACE AVAILABLE USAGE. This means that when a property is vacant, any owner can request additional usage in one week increments at anytime (space available) for no other fees besides the standard cleaning fee per stay. These majority of these properties are very high end including design, quality of construction, furnishings, amenities and services that make you feel like you own a multimillion dollar property for just a fraction of what it would cost and none of the hassles.